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Microgreen Live Pots - Organic

A great variety of microgreens grown in individual compostable card pots.

Buy singly or as a pick and mix tray of 6.

Microgreen Live Trays - Organic

A lovely addition to any kitchen, ready to harvest exactly when you want.

The 15 x 20 cm tray and drip tray can be reused for your own garden or return them for a discount on your next order.

Freshly Cut Microgreens

Harvested ready for your fridge, our compostable tubs are a great way to keep your delicious microgreens fresh and crisp.

Salad Leaves

Our salad leaves are harvested whilst young and tender.

Sold in a compostable paper bag.

Potted Herbs & Edible Flowers - Organic

Lovingly grown using our own blend of organic coir compost.

The pots can be be re-used for may years or they can be returned to us for a discount off your next purchase.

Pickles & Dressings

Made from our own produce with a few store cupboard essentials

Christmas Growing Gifts

Grow your own kits.  Fun for all the family.